Islamabad has it all when it comes to the living. Its eye-catching scenery and organized infrastructure awaken the will of many of us to live in such astonishing places.

For such factors Nova City has to offer a lot, making it one of the best places to live within Islamabad.

Here are the 11 reasons you should be living in Nova City Islamabad.

1. Easy Access

Living in Nova City Islamabad will bring you easy accessibility to many prime locations. It is situated between the twin cities (Islamabad-Rawalpindi) which allows residents easy access to many large urban centers and different modes of public transit.

Secondly, the Islamabad airport and CPEC are a short distance away which makes Nova City Islamabad one of the prime locations to live in.

2. Magnificent Infrastructure

Nova City developers have invested their efforts and finances to create the Nova City Islamabad lifestyle up to the mark of high standards. Nova City developers have a master plan, which includes well-constructed highways and buildings and all the other sophisticated features for its one thousand kanal of land infrastructure. It aims to create a futuristic city with all the luxuries that can raise Nova City’s modern living levels to the peaks for its residents.

3. Protection for Living

With dynamic changes in national stability, Nova City is aware of the requirements of security. Nova City does not compromise on the protection of its residents and for a sense of safety, Nova City has created a boundary wall to make sure its residents are protected 24/7. A person is always concerned about his/her family living in security and Nova City developers understand that which is why living in Nova City Islamabad is great due to its secure environment.

4. Lifestyle and Culture

Nova City has universal standards. It’s not only focused on bringing high-standard lifestyles to its residents but it’s also focused on supporting and securing the residents of all cultures. Nova City Islamabad facilities provide a magnificent lifestyle that guarantees its residents a high quality and modern living.

5. Power Source Features

To meet society and high standards of living, Nova City assures that its residents should never face any load shedding. Nova City has all the measures to make the society no load shedding zone. Other than electricity, Nova City is also focused on gas and water services to bring balance to their facilities for an extravagant lifestyle.

6. Health and Nature

Nova City Islamabad lifestyle also involves parks and recreation hotspots. Residents can enjoy the scenic natural atmosphere and healthy family time. Nova City Islamabad’s lifestyle influences positive health impacts which is supported by its parks with tranquil vistas.

7. Educational Institute

Nova City Islamabad facilities offer Nova School System (NCS) for the better growth of society children. Nova City School system is completely Compassionate to producing better human beings with an ambition to polish the students’ personality traits and provide such programs that can bring the best out of their students. The Nova School system programs are designed to excite the children and to provide real reasons for children to learn. These programs will enlighten children with trending skill sets that have social acceptance. The Nova School system aims for their students should be creative and have great academic performance that will enable them to live a prosperous life.

Nova City developers want their residents to rely on them and with the facility of the Nova School system residents have complete support from Nova developers for the better growth of their children.

8. One of the Best Commercial Zones

The CPEC route makes Nova City Islamabad one of the finest places for commercial investors. Due to ease of access to the CPEC route commercial investors have easy access to the multiple suppliers. This feature will not only help commercial investors but also help the residents of the society to have the availability of everything they want to have.

Nova City provides excellent investment opportunities for commercial investors and it wants to guarantee high returns on investment.

9. Well-Equipped and Organized Hospitals

Nova City Islamabad hospitals are at their services day and night. Hospitals have the availability of modern equipment to facilitate patients, secondly, there are arrangements for organizing hospitals for smooth medical operations to support patients.

10. Other Amenities

Living in the Nova City Islamabad is ideal for availing following amenities.

1. Swimming Pool and Sports Complex

Nova City has a swimming pool and sports complex in addition to the health facilities which have great maintenance to enable residents to enjoy their free time healthy.

2. Transportation

Nova City has shuttle services to maintain the living of residents. While traveling throughout the society Nova City wants assurance that the residents do not face any hurdle and have an easy exploration.

3. Dumping and Recycling

An effective waste management system is pivotal for any sustainable society. Nova City has been focused on creating efficient waste disposal mechanisms to refurbish and reuse dump wastes with the help of specialized machinery. Such initiative not only helps to protect the environment but also protects public health. Nova City wants its residents to have cleaner and more sustainable living.

4. More Amenities

  • Serene Environment
  • Aesthetic Architecture
  • A 120 Ft. Boulevard
  • Masjids

11. Affordable Rates

Nova City Islamabad is not too costly as its packages are designed to facilitate investors. Nova City Islamabad offers payment plans for Commercial plots, eSports Block Plots, Overseas Block Plots, and for Pueblo Block Plots.

These payment plans evolve around:

To support its clients living in Nova City Islamabad, it offers down payments with forty monthly installments and eight bi-annual installment plans.


The prime location of Nova City Islamabad offers ease of access to multiple urban areas with all the required amenities that create living standards at high marks. It offers security, health facilities, and a modern living lifestyle. Nova City Islamabad is a golden opportunity to invest for all purposes as its initiatives for facilities and modern living fulfill all the aims of Nova City Islamabad facilities while also fulfilling the checkpoints for a healthy and prosperous lifestyle.

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