COVID-19’s Deadly Effects
Due to the lockdown in every city, people have taken a chance to reconsider any probable business plans and to implement them. The condition of our country’s economy is not stable, which leaves people in a state of confusion. This is an amazing open opportunity for the individuals who trust that the prices will drop to long haul ventures as the costs of the tasks are additionally falling down. Now the important question that arises is who is going to look after the ventures and businesses when they are already suffering from a dangerous pandemic.

How is the Real Estate Industry affected?

The market comes with certain dilemmas as well which are rather overlooked, despite its splendor. At the apex of all problems, the quality of service should remain intact. That is the reason we see divisions when it comes to the real estate market. A large segment views it with obscurantism as for some it is a tried and tested model of capital gains.

The major cause as already discussed is the recurring culture of the real estate market while lacking ethics on part of real estate dealers and the ghost customer care practices at the hands of most ‘intermediaries.’ All the real estate transactions are highly service-based.  Making the role of an intermediary almost inescapable, where a buyer has to be met with the right seller, it is no short of match-making.


In the year 2018, the real estate market in Pakistan had to face difficulties as well due to a change in policy issues. The general query is how much land prices will fall as this recession was a great deal for investors back then to get through as the COVID-19 pandemic has hit us hard. The Great Recession of the year 2008 should be audited properly to discover the proper cause.


While seeing the recession of the years 2008, 2013, and 2018, it is obvious that this virus is another huge obstacle. As the recovery of the past recessions took several years, one should be prepared for ups and downs in the market. Due to zero percent interest costs, the national banks around the world cannot spring up the property costs and it will ultimately take more time than ever to recover the prices. Some of the landowners are now starting the process of thinking ahead to when the crisis is over. How the real estate usage might change going forward are in the strategic review processes. Real estate leaders are looking to futurists, psychologists, technologists, and sociologists for answers.

Therefore, anyone wishing to invest in real estate must do their research well enough before investing. There should also be thorough scrutiny done with regards to who you transact with, most importantly. Your chances to capture the right opportunity at the right time will increase as a good advisor not only saves you time but also money.


Happy investing!

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