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Living in Nova City, Islamabad, is truly pleasant. There are plenty of reasons for investing in this unique community. It’s one of the best housing developments in the twin cities, offering modern amenities along with tranquil surroundings. It’s regarded as an effective and productive place. They’ve made it simpler for people to purchase real estate with reasonable payment plans, and everything you need.

This society is in a prime location, sandwiched between Islamabad and Rawalpindi. It’s a wise investment mainly for that reason. With so much to offer, Nova City Islamabad is not only a pleasant place to live but also a good place to invest your money. Here are 15 reasons to invest in Nova City Islamabad.

15 Reasons to Invest in Nova City Islamabad

  1. Trustworthy Developers
  2. Living Opportunities for Every Category
  3. Living Close to the Capital
  4. Gorgeous Scenery Everywhere
  5. Safe and Authorized for Investment
  6. Help from the Government
  7. Guaranteed Security
  8. Reasonable and Attractive Rates
  9. High Return on Investment
  10. Mosques
  11. Schools
  12. Transportation
  13. Healthcare Facilities
  14. Gathering Places
  15. Shops, Malls and Markets

1. Trustworthy Developers

Nova Group has become a renowned real estate and construction company. They are the ones who established Nova City. Mr. Chaudary Junaid Afzal, the leader of Nova Group is a highly capable individual. They have excellent construction projects, similar to those in other countries. These projects ensure that residents have a good quality of life and provide everything you could possibly need. The Nova Group team is highly trained and experienced. They have constructed the finest homes for people across the nation as they intend to provide their customers with the best.

2. Living Opportunities for Every Category

There are several types of land available for purchase from the developers of Nova City. Plots ranging in size from 1 to 2 kanals, and 10 to 5 marlas are available for purchase. Plot range varies in size from 125 square yards for a 5 Marla to 250 square yards for a 10 Marla, 500 square yards for a 1 Kanal, and 1000 square yards for a 2 Kanal.

3. Living Close to the Capital

Due to its many attractions, the Federal Capital region is a popular place for people to live. Islamabad, with its full business districts and the breathtaking Margalla Hills, makes it the best place to live in Pakistan. Many investors find Nova City Islamabad to be very appealing because of its convenient closeness to the capital. The primary factor making Nova City Islamabad a great place to invest is its closeness to the capital.

4. Gorgeous Scenery Everywhere

Being a resident of this community allows you to have a peaceful, natural environment. There are organized parks all around Nova City, such as Kheri Moorat Park. The Kasana, Sapiala, and Rama dams are all near the neighborhood. Everyone can enjoy all of the parks and picnic areas outside the community that are ideal for families.

5. Safe and Authorized for Investment

Although Nova City hasn’t been approved by CDA, that will probably happen shortly. After they give their approval, the community will receive official recognition, which will accelerate progress.

The safety of each and every person is the developer’s top priority. They’re building a gated community with strong safety measures to keep a constant eye on the area.

6. Help from the Government

By offering perks as well as support, the Pakistani government is encouraging and assisting citizens in making real estate investments. This provides investors with the trust they need to make safe investment decisions.

7. Guaranteed Security

There’s no doubt about your safety! You will have superior safety for yourself and your family when you invest in Nova City Islamabad. Everywhere there are armed guards and continuous monitoring. In addition, a double boundary wall provides additional security. It’s very secure because only members of the society have access inside.

8. Reasonable and Attractive Rates

Pakistani real estate prices are not that high as compared to those of the neighboring countries. Due to such factors, Pakistan is a desirable location for real estate investors. Plots of land have been sold by the developers of these properties at acceptable rates. In addition, you have the option to pay for it throughout a four-year period through a plan that divides the total amount into eight small payments, which are required to be paid every six months.

9. High Return on Investment

Nova City is located in an area that will attract a lot of interest from investors. The CPEC will increase the area’s importance for businesses over the next few years. Mumtaz City and Capital Smart City are two locations that are close to Nova City. There will be great living and business opportunities here. In the future, your property will be much more valuable.

Nova City Islamabad Amenities

For people living there, Nova City Islamabad offers a variety of wonderful amenities. Its residential areas are complete with modern amenities that provide better and easier living. The following are a few of Nova City Islamabad’s pleasant features:

1. Mosques

The project includes a number of mosques, ensuring that locals have easy access to places of worship.

2. Schools

Since the development includes schools and other educational amenities, families with children can enroll in school as the parents will find it to be a convenient option.

3. Transportation

Nova city allows the community citizen to explore and wander around with total ease, therefore there are 24/7 transport services available for you so you can explore and come back to your home easily.

4. Healthcare Facilities

The project also includes clinics and medical facilities, guaranteeing that locals have easy access to high-quality healthcare.

5. Gathering Places

There are community centers in Nova City where locals can get together to socialize and enjoy themselves.

6. Shops, Malls and Markets

Nova City offers a variety of shopping options, including large stores and Malls, where you can effortlessly get goods for your basic needs.


Is Nova City Islamabad a Good Investment?

Investing in Nova City Islamabad can be a wise decision because it is a developing residential project with modern amenities. However, before making any decisions, it is important to conduct comprehensive research and evaluate your investment objectives.

Who Owns Nova City Islamabad?

Mr. Chaudary Junaid Afzal is the owner and CEO of Nova City Islamabad.

Is Nova City Islamabad Legal?

Nova City Islamabad is legal; however, it has not been approved by CDA yet, sooner it will get its authorization from CDA.

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