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One such nation that experienced an exponential increase in remittances from abroad is Pakistan.

For Pakistanis living abroad, there are several housing societies in the Twin Cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad that might offer the best investment in Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

Pakistanis who reside outside of their country typically invest in real estate.

Real estate in Rawalpindi and Islamabad offers the best investment in Islamabad and Rawalpindi, prospects for Pakistanis living abroad.

You have the chance to invest with NBP Funds and take advantage of Pakistan’s potential for growth.

At NBP Funds, we work hard to make sure that our investors receive the highest return on their investments while taking into account the constantly shifting market conditions.

Why Invest in Pakistan?

The bulk of Pakistan’s population is under 30 years old, making it the sixth most populated nation in the world.

It is positioned strategically to emerge as Asia’s main commerce, energy, and transport corridor and is among the top 10 producers of the following commodities: milk, wheat, rice, sugar, and cotton.

While corporate earnings have risen at a consistent double-digit pace over the past 15 years, the Pakistani stock market is now trading at a large discount to its regional rivals and other economies in the MSCI Emerging Market Index.

So, the Pakistani market is an ideal prospect for long-term investment for all of these reasons.

11 Best Investment Opportunities for Overseas in Pakistan

1. Nova City Overseas Block Location

The company has not yet made the location of the Nova City Overseas block public. However, according to our sources, the Nova City E-sports block will be close to the development of the abroad block. So, the sports facility will be connected to the overseas block by the 80-foot-wide road that runs to the right of Nova Square.

Nova City is near the CPEC route’s intersection. However, the community is conveniently accessible from several locations within the twin cities and is situated near the proposed ring road route.

Nova City Overseas Block Plot Size

Overseas Block Payment Plane

For the best investment in Islamabad, you may view Nova City Islamabad Overseas Block’s official payment schedule by clicking the link below. By making the required 20% down payment, all of the aforementioned plots may be reserved. So, the remaining sum may be paid in 40 monthly payments or 8 semi-annual payments. Additionally, keep in mind that the whole cost of the property is payable at the time of possession and is exclusive of development fees. Although 5 Marla plot prices are 2,250,000, 10 Marla plot prices are 4,150,000 and 1 kanal plot price is 8,000,000.

2. Real Estate Industry

People from outside Pakistan typically transfer money to Pakistan to invest and assist their families.

However, the real estate sector is now one of the most profitable to invest in in Pakistan.

Because real estate is a one-time investment, and if you purchase a home, its value will increase over time.

So, the government is assuming responsibility and expanding possibilities in an effort to persuade citizens to invest more in the sector.

Do you want to learn about some incredible best investment in Pakistan?

For Pakistanis living abroad, we have collected a list of fantastic investing options.


The government launched the Pakistan Overseas Real Estate Forum as a way to increase the prospects for Pakistanis living abroad to invest. A platform to hasten the nation’s building and development projects, which would help the economy and give Pakistanis more work.

It presents a worthwhile and safe option for the best investment in Pakistan. In addition, it grants investors FBR exemption since the government has been approving several real estate developments.

If you haven’t considered real estate investment previously, you should do so right away. This sector will generate substantial earnings in the future year.

4. Food Chain

For the people of Pakistan, food is a form of communication.

Any gathering would be lacking without a variety of foods. Who doesn’t enjoy eating, after all?

In Pakistan, fast-food franchises are quite successful.

Consequently, it ranks among the most profitable and one of the best investment in Pakistan. Pakistanis appreciate a wide range of meals and they have sophisticated palates.

That explains why Pakistan’s fast-food business is a high return investment in Pakistan. It is a fast approach to making significant income over time.

5. Peer-to-Peer Lending

Peer-to-peer (P2P) lending, according to Investopedia, enables people to acquire loans directly from other people, cutting out financial institutions as a middleman.

You may increase the amount of money you have in the bank—let’s say, Rs.1 lac or even Rs.50,000—by lending it to other people at interest. You can select a suitable pace and duration.

This is one of Pakistan’s riskier investment possibilities, yet it is a high return investment in Pakistan. You might start by lending money to acquaintances and trusted figures. Always documenting the loan’s specifics is also crucial.

6. Bonds

With a fixed rate of interest that is paid over time until the bond matures, Treasury bonds are a secure and one of the best investment in Pakistan.

However, the consistency of returns helps lessen the volatility of share prices.

Treasury bonds are sold by the government of Pakistan starting at just Rs100, with a current yield of 13.257%.

You receive lacs of rupees in monetary awards. One of the simplest and safest investing options for students in Pakistan is student bonds.

So, bond payouts have virtually little potential of being inefficient or risky because the government guarantees them.

7. Bank and Investment Companies

One of the most affordable business options in Pakistan requires little capital.

So, create a bank account and add a little sum of money to it. Start making monthly deposits into the account.

So, typically, banks provide yearly returns of 10% to 12%.

Do some research and choose the bank that best meets your needs.

Lakson Investments, PMIC, and other firms that offer high return investment in Pakistan are available as well.

8. Gold Overseas in Pakistan

Similar to the real estate sector, investing in gold doesn’t require additional capital.

Because it is a one-time investment, and you can quickly cash out large winnings anytime the price of gold peaks.

So, it may increase in value over time without having to be sold immediately, making it a gold mine for investors.

When gold prices aren’t too high, you can buy it, and when they are, you can sell it all! As a result, it will be cost-effective and very successful over time.

9. Mixed-Use Investments

Mixed-use developments or Investments that combine businesses, places to live, and recreational spaces are getting more popular.

They offer different ways to make money, like renting out spots to businesses and homes to people.

So, you can earn income from both business and residential space which makes it one of the best investment in Pakistan.

10. Tourism

Investing in properties in tourist areas is a smart move as Pakistan’s tourism industry is growing.

These places attract foreigners and people on holiday who need a place to stay.

You can earn money by renting out your property to these tourists, especially if your property is near popular tourist attractions.

It’s a great way to benefit from investing in the tourism sector.

11. Shopping Malls

Investing in shopping malls can be a profitable choice. You can earn rental income from the businesses that set up shop in the mall.

Look for locations in busy commercial areas where lots of people go out shopping and where shopping trends are happening.

It’s a great way for overseas Pakistanis to make money by providing space for businesses in popular shopping districts.


After receiving clearance from PHATA and the Rawalpindi Development Authority, the administration introduced Nova City Overseas Block to the area. Both as an investment opportunity and a place to live, it excels. World-class living quarters and architecture built to international standards will be offered in this block. Investors in the general block have received advantages from society, and it is anticipated that this block will do the same.


What are the Best Investment Options in Pakistan?

The best investment options in Pakistan may include real estate and the stock market. Other best investment options in Pakistan are fixed income and tourism.

What are the Best Property Investment in Islamabad?

In Islamabad, some of the best property investment in Islamabad include DHA and Bahria Town. Other best property investment in Islamabad are G-13/G-14 sectors and Nova City.

What are the Best Real Estate Investment in Pakistan?

The best real estate investment in Pakistan may include mixed-use developments and industrial real estate. Other best real estate investment in Pakistan include properties in tourist areas and shopping malls.

What are the Best Investment Opportunities for Overseas Pakistanis?

The best investment opportunities for overseas individuals may include real estate, stocks, and bonds in Pakistan, depending on their financial goals and risk tolerance.

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